Management Protocols and related documents

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Autoimmune thyroid disease

ECED Thyrotoxicosis guidelines (2014)

ECED Thyrotoxicosis results flow sheet (2013)

ECED Thyrotoxicosis thionamide recurrence information (2016)

RCP Diagnosis and management of hypothyroidism (2011)

ECED Thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy

ECED Thyroid function testing in primary care (2008)

ECED Amiodarone-induced thyroid dysfunction (2008)

ECED Interferon and thyroid dysfunction 


ECED Procedure for outpatient RAI administration (2010)

ECED NHS Lothian RAI policy document

ECED 400MBq information sheet

ECED 800MBq information sheet

ECED RAI Consent form

ECED RAI Information for carers document

ECED RAI treatment card

ECED Inpatient RAI information and consent (thyroid cancer) (2016)

ECED Practical aspects of RAI in thyroid cancer (2010)

ECED RAI pregnancy test sheet

ECED Outpatient RAI overview document (2010)

ECED IRMER documents (2014)

ECED IRMER documents II (2012)

Thyroid eye disease

EUGOGO Thyroid eye disease management consensus statement (2016)

ECED Thyroid eye disease guidelines (2008)

ECED TED: who to refer to ophthalmology

ECED TED: assessing severity

ECED Picture guide: thyroid eye disease activity (2013)

Thyroid cancer

Thyroid MDM Referral Form (2017)

Thyroid cancer/nodule clinic guidance for trainees (2016)

BTA Thyroid cancer guidelines (2014)

ECED Thyroid cancer pathway (2016)

ECED Thyroid cancer: whole body scanning and TSH-stimulated Tg guidance

ECED Thyroid cancer patient information slides (2014)

Medullary carcinoma

ECED Calcium pentagastrin test protocol


ECED Sick Day Rules for Desmopressin (Diabetes Insipidus) (2017)

ECED Peri-operative guidelines - pituitary surgery (2010)

SfE Pituitary apoplexy guidance (2010)

ECED Cushing's investigation and management guidance (2009)

ECED Petrosal sinus sampling protocol (2015)     Appendix 1    Appendix 2

ECED Acromegaly Investigation and management guidance (2011)

ECED Acromegaly OGTT guidance

ECED Somatostatin analogue shared care protocol (2008)

ECED Adult growth hormone replacement guidance (2003)

ECED Growth hormone shared care protocol (2004)

AGHDA Growth hormone questionnaire

Pituitary tests

Hammersmith Petrosal Sinus Sampling protocol (2010)

CRH test (2000)

Water deprivation test (2006)

Arginine infusion test

Insulin tolerance test

Glucagon test (GH reserve)

Newcastle plasma metanephrines guidance (2018)


ECED Investigation and management of hyponatraemia (2015)


ECED Adrenal incidentaloma guidance (2007)

ECED Mineralocorticoid excess (2002)

ECED Phaeochromocytoma / PGL syndrome screening

Endocrine syndromes

ECED Von Hippel Lindau screening protocol (2001)

ECED MEN-1 screening protocol (2017)

ECED MEN-2 screening protocol

ECED Turner's syndrome protocol (2004)


ECED Osteoporosis guidance (2004)

RCP Glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis guidance (2002)

ECED Vitamin D deficiency guidance (2013)

ECED Hypercalcaemia guidance (2002)

SfE Acute hypercalcaemia guidance 

ECED Criteria for surgery in primary hyperparathyroidism (2007)

ECED Hypocalcaemia guidance (2002)

SfE Acute hypocalcaemia guidance

European (ESE) chronic hypoparathyroidism guidance (2016)

ECED Investigation of Familial Hypocalciuric Hypercalcaemia 

Hammersmith Urine Calcium:Creatinine Calculator (FHH exclusion)

ECED Paget's disease guidance (2006)


ECED Male hypogonadism guidance (2012)

ECED PCOS guidance (2010)

ECED Hirsutism guidance (2010)

Neuroendocrine tumours

ECED Neuroendocrine tumour pre-intervention protocol (2011)

ECED hypoglycaemia (20 hour fast)

ECED hypoglycaemia (72 hour fast)

Cardiovascular risk

ECED Secondary hypertension: who to investigate? (2005)

ECED Minoxidil protocol

Metabolic disorders

ECED Maple Syrup Urine Disease guidance (2011)

Cancer immunotherapy & endocrine dysfunction

Guidance for screening and assessment of immunotherapy-related endocrinopathy (2017)

Patient Information Leaflets (ECED)

Testosterone replacement in men


Sick day rules for desmopressin

External guidelines

The Endocrine Society have a wide range of clinical practice guidelines available on their website.