Taking Part in Research

National Research

You can sign up to the Scottish Diabetes Research Network (SDRN) register - get further information by clicking this link. This is a national register and allows diabetes researchers to contact people with diabetes to see whether they'd like to take part in specific projects.  By signing up you are under no obligation to take part in projects and can be easily removed from the register if you change your mind.  The research register is one of the reasons why Scotland is at the forefront of research into diabetes.

Another national initiative is the SHARE register which is open to everyone in Scotland (not just those with diabetes).  You can give permission for any leftover blood samples, taken by your doctor, to be stored and used for future research.  Find out more about this exciting programme at www.registerforshare.org.


Research in Edinburgh

Listed below are studies which are currently recruiting participants in Edinburgh:


The effect of diabetes on sex steroid hormones

Principal investigator: Dr Fraser Gibb

This study is looking to assess factors which influence the levels of sex steroid hormones (testosterone and estrogen) in men with type 2 diabetes.  We are looking to recruit men under the age of 65, with type 2 diabetes, to take part in this project.  Further details are provided in the following patient information sheet:

Patient information for 'Effect of diabetes on sex steroids'



Thyroid hormone and body fat

Principal investigator: Dr Fraser Gibb

This study is investigating the influence of high dose levothyroxine therapy upon body fat in patients on high dose levothyroxine therapy following surgical treatment of thyroid cancer.  Further details:

Patient information for patient about to have surgery

Patient information for patients who have had surgery


Iodine or not (IoN)

Principal investigator: Prof Mark Strachan / Dr Fraser Gibb

This multi-centre study is assessing whether radioiodine therapy is necessary in patients with low-risk thyroid cancer.  Further information is available on the Cancer Research UK website:

IoN study details


In addition to the studies listed above, we are often looking for healthy volunteers (and people with diabetes) to take part in future studies.  If you are interested in being contacted about participating in studies, please feel free to contact us using the 'click here for ECED contact details' form at the bottom of this page.


ECED staff: please contact Fraser Gibb if you would like your clinical study details to appear on the ECED website