Inpatient Diabetes


The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Western General Hospital and St John's Hospital all provide specialist diabetes inpatient services.

Contact details for inpatient diabetes


  • Diabetes Specialist Nurses - Bleep 5852 / 5955

  • Diabetes Registrar - Bleep #6800


  • Diabetes Specialist Nurses - Bleep 8687

  • Diabetes Registrar - Bleep 8370


  • Diabetes Specialist Nurses - Bleep 3008 / 3632

Who to refer to the inpatient diabetes service

Suggested referral criteria

All RIE T1DM patients, admitted under general medicine, should have their care transferred to a diabetologist at the earliest opportunity. 

Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)

NHS Lothian DKA Pathway

A video guide to using the 2014 NHS Lothian DKA pathway:

Hyperglycaemic Hyperosmolar State (HHS) [Previously known as HONK]

ECED NHS Lothian HHS Pathway (2017)

Useful information for junior doctors

'DiAppBetes' is an app for iphone and android phones with practical guidance on the management of diabetes in hospitalised patients:


Slides from FY1 Inpatients Diabetes teaching (RIE) 

Information for Diabetes Registrars:

Computer system for logging inpatient workload