CalSoc History

CalSoc was formed in the 1981 by Ian Hay and Colin Feek with a remit to promote education and collaboration in the field of clinical endocrinology. The founding council members were Ian Hay (Secretary-Treasurer), Colin Feek (Edinburgh), Graham Beastall (Glasgow), John Feely (Dundee) and Jacques How (Aberdeen).

Founding members of CalSoc

The inaugural meeting took place on 11th November 1981 where Professors Graham Teasdale and Christopher Edwards debated the optimal management of prolactinoma.

Invite letter to first CalSoc meeting

Programme for inaugural CalSoc meeting

1st CalSoc.png

Professor Graham Teasdale speaking on board the "Pride of the Union" at the first Cal Soc meeting in 1981

Speakers from the initial CalSoc meeting programme:

Delegates at the 2nd CalSoc meeting held at the Albany Hotel (Glasgow) in April 1982:

On board the M.V. "Countess Fiona" during the 1982 Summer meeting:

Since its inception, the society has continued to hold regular educational events and has maintained a membership of around 100 health care professionals.  The next CalSoc meeting is due to take place in November 2016.

Slides provided by Prof Ian D Hay outlining the formation and early history of the society