Induction Materials and Clinic Documents

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SpR Induction Guide

This guide is updated annually and should be read by any doctors taking part in D&E clinics in Edinburgh:

Induction Guide 2017 version

2017 SpR induction programme

Induction talks:

Stuart Ritchie on Neurosurgery ward advice

Anna Dover on Diabetes in Pregnancy  2015 version

Anna Dover on Diabetes in Pregnancy 2016 version

Shareen Forbes on Islet Transplantation

All trainees should record diagnosis for endocrine patients using 'TRAK Endocrinology':

TRAK Endocrinology guide

All inpatient / on-call advice should be logged on the on-call spreadsheet:

On-call spreadsheet information

The following slide set is provided by Medtronic and offers advice on how to use and interpret reports from Carelink Pro:

Carelink Pro slides

RIE Diabetes Clinic Documents

The following documents are commonly used in the diabetes clinic:


Endocrine Clinic Documents

The thyrotoxicosis flow chart should be used to record data / results during each clinical episode:

ECED Slide template

Powerpoint slide template for ECED presentations