Previous RCPE ECED talks


Thyroid disease in pregnancy

6th February 2018

Speaker: Dr Robert Lindsay, University of Glasgow


Psychology in diabetes

28th February 2017

Speaker: Dr Belinda Hacking, Consultant Clinical Psychologist


An update on Primary Hyperparathyroidism

10th January 2017

Speaker: Dr Fraser Gibb, Consultant Endocrinologist, Edinburgh Centre for Endocrinology & Diabetes


Harnessing e-Health Records for Type 1 Diabetes Research

22nd November 2016

Speaker: Prof Helen Colhoun, Professor of Medical Informatics, University of Edinburgh


Diabetic Nephropathy: one step forward, two steps back!

22nd September 2016

Speaker: Dr Bryan Conway, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Nephrologist, University of Edinburgh


Closed-loop insulin delivery

4th July 2016

Speaker: Dr Daniela Elleri, RHSC Edinburgh


Thyroid Eye Disease

28th January 2016  

Speaker:  Dr Petros Perros, Newcastle University  


So you think you know how the HPA axis works?

Wednesday 11th November 2015

Speaker: Prof Brian Walker, University of Edinburgh


Minimal treatment for patients with minimal risk papillary thyroid cancer

Wednesday 5th August 2015

Speaker: Prof Ian Hay, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA


Management of CAH in adults - lessons from CaHASE

Wednesday 20th May 2015

Speaker: Dr Roland Stimson, University of Edinburgh


Medical management of pituitary adenomas

Friday 27th March 2015

Speaker: Prof John Bevan, University of Aberdeen


What can we learn from the national diabetes register in Sweden?

Wednesday 18th February 2015

Speaker: Prof Soffia Gudbjörnsdottir, University of Gothenburg


Thyroid cancer and the new BTA guidelines

Wednesday 21st January 2015

Speaker: Dr Fraser W Gibb and Prof Mark W J Strachan, Edinburgh Centre for Endocrinology & Diabetes


Update from the Scottish Diabetes Group

Wednesday 10th December 2014

Speaker: Prof John A McKnight, Consultant Physician, Western General Hospital


Update in endocrine genetics

Tuesday 28th October 2014

Speaker: Dr Paul Newey, Senior Lecturer, University of Dundee


Radiology in endocrinology

Tuesday 30th September 2014 

Speaker: Dr Dilip Patel, Consultant Radiologist, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh


Inpatient Diabetes

Wednesday 22nd January 2014

Speaker: Dr Stuart Ritchie, Consultant Endocrinologist, Western General Hospital


What has Molecular Medicine ever done for us? A glimpse of the future

18th December 2013

Speaker: Prof Jonathan Seckl, Professor of Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh


Neuroendocrine tumours

Tuesday 8th October 2013

Speaker: Prof Mark Strachan, Consultant Endocrinologist, Western General Hospital


"I'm competent, hope you're competent too": a framework for diabetic foot care

Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Speakers: Joanne McCardle (Podiatrist) and Dr Matthew Young (Consultant Physician), Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh


Update on Cushing's syndrome

Monday 11th March 2013

Speaker: Prof Lynette Nieman, Professor of Endocrinology, NIH, USA


My Diabetes My Way: Improving Diabetes Self Care through Knowledge and Data Ownership

Wednesday 27th February 2013

Speakers: Dr Debbie Wake and Scott Cunningham, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee


Diabetes in Scotland: a view from the Lead Diabetes Clinician

Tuesday 18th December 2012

Speaker: Prof John McKnight, Consultant Physician, Western General Hospital


Clinical lessons from thyroid epidemiology

Wednesday 30th May 2012

Speaker: Prof Graham Leese, Professor of Endocrinology, University of Dundee


Osteoporosis: An update

6th March 2012

Speaker: Prof Stuart Ralston, Professor of Rheumatology, University of Edinburgh


Diabetes and Driving

Wednesday 18th January 2012

Speaker: Prof Brian Frier, Professor of Diabetes, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh


Reflections on a career in Endocrinology

Tuesday 13th December 2011

Speaker: Prof Paul Padfield, Consultant Endocrinologist, Western General Hospital


Insights from the Edinburgh Type 2 Diabetes Study

Tuesday 22nd November 2011

Speakers: Dr Mark Strachan, Dr Rebecca Reynolds and Dr Rachel Williamson


Debate:  Are we over using new glucose lowering therapies in the management of T2DM?

Tuesday 7th June 2011

Speakers: Dr James Walker (St John's Hospital) and Prof John McKnight (Western General Hospital)


Adrenal incidentalomas: diagnostic challenges and management conundrums

Tuesday 15th March 2011

Speaker: Dr John Newell-Price, Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield


Investigation and management of male hypogonadism

28th January 2011

Speaker: Professor Frederick Wu, Professor of Endocrinology, University of Manchester


What the SIGN guidelines cannot tell you about managing foot problems in DM patients

Tuesday 23rd November 2010

Speaker: Dr Matthew Young, Consultant Physician, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh


Local data from the Scottish Diabetes Survey

Thursday 30th September 2010

Speakers: Dr Stuart Ritchie and Dr Kate Hughes


Reflections on a career in diabetology

Tuesday 14th October 2008

Speaker: Prof Ian Campbell, Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy


Polycystic ovary syndrome

16th January 2008

Speakers: Prof Richard Anderson and Dr Mark Strachan


Primary hyperaldosteronism

28th November 2007

Speaker: Dr Paul Padfield, Consultant Endocrinologist, Western General Hospital


Imaging of adrenal masses

24th October 2007

Speaker: Dr Simon Jackson