Freestyle Libre

This is a page for Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh patients using Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose monitoring.  

Click here to find out more about Diasend - Diasend is the best way to assess and share your Libre glucose data.

You can now scan the Libre sensor using Android mobile phones with the LibreLink app - this will also allow you to automatically send results to the Diasend mobile appClick here to download a one page guide to link LibreLink and Diasend so you can share your Libre information with the clinic.

If you have any questions or would like a review of your Diasend uploads please email to:


Problems with sensor adhesiveness

Abbott have provided a PDF guide on how to optimise the lifespan of the sensor - click here to download it.


Diasend uploads

The more often you reflect on the results from the Libre, the more likely you are to derive benefit from it.  We don't expect (or want!) people to be sat at a computer looking at glucose traces on a daily basis but doing so every week or so for 5 - 10 minutes is likely to be very useful.  Also, we are very keen to provide comments and suggestions, to help translate all the extra information into changes which make your glucose levels more stable and predictable.  

Data from the Libre is presented in a couple of ways:

Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP)

This is most useful to look at after at least 2 week's worth of use.  The yellow line is the average, the dark blue is where 50% of your glucose levels fall at each time point, the light blue is where 80% of values fall and the dotted line is the maximum and minimum at each time point.  The 'AGP' is good for picking up trends and highlighting the main points where things are most varied or 'out of target'.

Day by day traces

Looking at the day-by-day traces can be really useful for looking at the specific effects of meals, exercise etc.  Points to consider include:

  • What happens overnight (does it stay stable or rise/fall)?
  • What happens after meals (is it going up quickly [timing of bolus], is it falling later, do ratios / carb counting need revised)?
  • What happens after carb free meals?
  • What happens after hypos (over-corrected)?

The advice and principles outlined in the following guide, can be applied to what you see on Diasend:

For the insulin injection version of the guide  click here .  For the insulin pump version of the guide  click here .

For the insulin injection version of the guide click here.

For the insulin pump version of the guide click here.

We have recently produced a short guide on how to get the most out of continuous glucose monitoring (below):

Click here  to download our new CGM user guide

Click here to download our new CGM user guide


Libre Facebook page

This user group is not affiliated with Abbott or our clinic but has over 3000 members sharing their tips and experience with the Libre.

Also Mike Kendall is a blogger with type 1 diabetes who uses the Libre (review here) and has some good content and links to other resources on his website.

Click here for Abbott's official Libre website.