DAFNE course booking

The following links will take you to Eventbrite, an external event booking site*.   Booking is a simple, all you need to provide is your name and email address, you will then receive further details from our DAFNE co-ordinator, Fiona Gilchrist.   

Further information about DAFNE is available here.

The following courses are currently available - you are free to attend any course (even if it is not where you attend your clinics).  Please only sign up to one course:

2017 DAFNE Courses in Lothian

Click on any of the links below to take you directly to the booking page

16th - 20th January - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

30th January - 2rd February - Western General Hospital

6 - 10th February - St John's Hospital

6th March (then for the following 4 Mondays until 3rd April) - St John's Hospital**

20 - 24th March - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

8th - 12th May - Western General Hospital

15th - 19th May - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

22nd - 26th May - St John's Hospital

19th - 23rd June - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

3rd - 7th July - St John's Hospital

24th - 28th July - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

31st July - 4th August - Western General Hospital

28th August - 1st September - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

25th September (then for the following 4 Mondays until 23rd October) - St John's Hospital**

23rd - 27th October - Western General Hospital

30th October - 3rd November - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

30th October - 3rd November - St John's Hospital

4th - 8th December - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

If none of the 2017 courses are suitable for you - please contact the DAFNE administrator to be put on a waiting list for 2018 courses.  

Booking online is the easiest way to secure a place on the DAFNE course, however, if you'd prefer not to use Eventbrite, please call 0131 537 1221 (Tues - Fri 8am - 1pm or leave a message at other times) or email fiona.gilchrist@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk .

* Eventbrite is not affiliated with NHS Lothian.  You do not need to sign up to Eventbrite to use this service and their privacy policy can be accessed here. Your attendance at DAFNE will not be visible on Eventbrite to other users.

** This is the 5x1 DAFNE course - which consists of a attending on a single day over 5 weeks rather than the conventional 5 days over one week course.  This format is currently only offered at St John's Hospital.