CalSoc Network

As discussed at the 2016 meeting, if you are interested in becoming involved in the NRS Metabolism and Endocrinology Specialty Group (Scotland), please contact Prof Graham Leese and provide him with the following details:

Name / Base Hospital / Tel / Email

Areas of research interest: Endocrine (indicate any specific area of interest) / Lipids / Obesity / Osteoporosis - Bone / Rare Diseases / Other (please specify)

Please also indicate if you would be interested in having Scotland wide meetings (perhaps by TC) - No / 6 monthly / Annually / Other


CalSoc Forum

The CalSoc forum is an online discussion group for sharing initiatives and audits, posing clinical questions and discussing (anonymised) cases.  It is open to all Scottish healthcare professionals involved in diabetes and endocrinology:


Please click here to visit the CalSoc discussion board - a forum for healthcare professionals involved in D&E in Scotland.